6/07 – 6/14: Hastings Dealt A Stormy Blow

Jun 15, 2022Blog, Hastings, Local News, Storm Damage

Summer Storm Approaches

The small town of Hastings was dealt a significant blow when the heavens opened up over the city. The storm approached the town from the northwestern parts of Adams County on the evening of June 7th. Not long after the storm was spotted, residents in Adams County were warned of the impending danger by means of outdoor warning sirens. Residents were warned to remain indoors and out of harm’s way and advised to keep their eyes and ears on local news sources.

The storm quickly filled the Adams County sky with large hail, heavy rainfall, and intense wind speeds. Wind speeds reached up to 70mph in Hastings. Trees were torn limb from limb and littered the city’s streets.

The National Weather Service warned residents to expect goofball-sized hail to fall from the sky. Damage to homes, rooftops, windows, and property is to be expected. Video footage of the National Weather Service office north of Hastings shows how the storm unleashed all kinds of chaos in the area. Residents also took to social media to show the giant-sized hailstones that had fallen on their properties.

Due to the intense wind speeds of the storm and increasing rotation in Odessa to Axtell, the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for these areas. A second tornado warning was issued for Minden, Norman, and Holstein, as the storm rotation strengthened in these areas.

Tornado Touch Down

A week later, two tornadoes touched down in eastern Nebraska and western Iowa. As soon as the tornadoes touched down, damage and destruction quickly followed. Straight-line winds were also firing at the area, with no sign of easing up.

Winds in Hastings were recorded at about 75mph. In Greenwood, a family that had been camping suffered some injuries as the storm completely flipped their RV. According to Greenwood Volunteer Fire Chief Mark Sobota, the fire department responded to several tree and powerline damages in the area.

golf ball sized hail Hastings, NE

Image via ksnblocal4.com

The National Weather Service also received several reports of large hailfall. Some farms suffered significant crop damage as a result of giant hailstones. Over 63 homes and commercial properties sustained some damage due to the hailstorm.

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