The Best Roofing Materials For Hot Climates

Apr 15, 2021Blog, Roofing

People love flocking to areas with warm climates during the summertime. The warm weather creates the perfect vacation atmosphere. People are frolicking at the beach, taking late sunset strolls, and just enjoying the warm weather before having to return to their cold environments in the north.

As much as residents and vacationers love the warm weather, your roof may be taking a bit of a knock every time the sun shines. Some roofing materials are better at handling the sun’s strength than others. These materials can withstand the sun’s harmful UV rays while still providing your home with the protection it needs. Other materials may end up curling and cracking in the sun, exposing your home to the elements.

If you find yourself residing in an area with an arid climate, you may want to continue reading to find out if you have the best roofing material for your home.


Metal Roofing

Metal is an excellent roofing material option for homes in hot climates. They have an excellent reflectivity rate, which means that they effectively reflect the sun’s light and heat away from your roofing system, thus keeping your home much cooler.

For added reflectivity, homeowners can add a light-colored roof coating to the roofing material. Metal roofing systems won’t buckle, bend or crack under the sun’s gaze. It is a favourite among homeowners for its strength, durability and weather resistance.


Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are widely used in warm, southern regions. You’ll find clay tiles on almost every home in places like California, Mexico, and Spain. Clay tiles are excellent at withstanding the sun’s heat, and they have one of the longest lifespans of all roofing materials.

Because of their natural light color, they don’t absorb heat as much as a darker roofing material would. Their half-barrel shape also allows air to flow throughout the roofing system, which prevents the roof tile from cracking in the heat.

Once you install your clay tile roof, you won’t have to replace it again in your lifetime. Because it’s a natural material, clay tiles are an eco-friendly roofing option and can be recycled at the end of their lifespan.


Membrane Roofing

Membrane roofing systems like EPDM or PVC are built to withstand extreme heat and weather conditions. It can withstand harmful UV rays without cracking or significantly deteriorating.

Homeowners can strengthen and increase their membrane roof’s resistance by adding a light-colored roof coating to it. Roof coatings help prolong the roof’s lifespan while offering it premium protection from the elements.


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