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by | May 12, 2022

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Family owned and operated, Burford Roofing prides itself on being Youngsville’s leading roofing contractor.  We use only the highest quality materials and our expert workmanship, backed by a 7 year labor warranty, is unmatched.  With a commitment to complete transparency and reliability, you can trust that your Youngsville home is in good hands with Burford.

newly installed cedar roofing Youngsville, LA

Cedar Shake Shingle Categories

There are three categories of cedar shake shingles that describe the quality of the material being installed.

Common Cedar Shake

This is the cheapest grade of cedar shake, usually made of the leftover cuts from the other grades.  While still beautiful, you get what you pay for in terms of durability as these are more likely to warp and curl.

Select Cedar Shake

Select cedar shakes are a good middle of the road cedar roofing material.  They are usually made up of around 80% straight grain and 20% commons and offer a good middle ground for budget and quality.

Straight Grain

Straight grain shakes are premium quality cedar shakes.  These shakes are hand selected and straight grained which means they will lay flat on your roof and won’t curl up.  If you have the wiggle room in your budget, it’s always best to upgrade to 100% straight grain to enhance the longevity of your cedar shake roof.

new cedar roof Youngsville, LA

FAQs About Cedar Roofs in Youngsville, LA

What are the two types of cedar roof?
Cedar roofs have two different types: shingles and shakes.  Cedar shingles are factory milled by machines, so they are more uniform in size and shape.  This also makes them slightly less expensive than their hand cut counterparts, cedar shakes.
Are cedar roofs hard to maintain?
Cedar roofs that are property pretreated and installed are not necessarily difficult to maintain, but they do require routine maintenance to reach their maximum lifespan.  They will need to be regularly inspected and cleaned, and should also receive protective treatments every one to three years.
Are cedar roofs worth the cost?
They absolutely can be, particularly in a place like Youngsville.  While they are expensive and require routine maintenance, they offer a unique beauty not found in other materials and they’re also very durable and wind resistant, withstanding wind speeds up to 245mph.
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