Preparing Your Roof For the Coming Year: 7 Maintenance Tips for Your Roof

Jan 16, 2023Blog, Lafayette, Roof Repair, Roof Replacement

In a world where so many things have become disposable and throw-away, it is in our best interest to take care of the items we have, so they will last longer. It can be wise to reduce, reuse and recycle items so our landfills do not become overrun with useless trash.  For example, old toothbrushes can be used for cleaning jewelry, and shoes, as well as dusting a computer keyboard. Old wine bottles can be upcycled into candle holders, old clothing into cleaning rags, and old metal roofing into an outdoor tabletop or an interesting shelving unit. Maintaining the roof can be more cost-effective than replacing as well. Fixing window screens, regluing ceramics, and restaining furniture are all great weekend DIY projects in extending the life of our items. Maintaining the roofs of our homes is also an excellent project instead of the huge cost of prematurely replacing the roof. What are some things the typical homeowner can do to keep a roof working in tip-top shape?

New Asphalt shingle roofing under the sun

Inspect the Shingles

This is important to do yearly, or after a major storm. Be cautious when looking at your roof, especially if you are on a ladder. Ask a friend to be near and support the ladder for safety. Are any shingles missing, broken, split, cracked, or bent? These areas will need to be repaired before more damage can occur.  If you have concerns about inspecting your roof, call a professional roofing contractor. Burford Roofing and Construction in Lafayette is here to serve your roofing needs and answer any questions you may have! We help to protect your greatest investment with care, concern, and genuine respect. 

Trim Branches

We don’t tend to consider the nearby trees and overhanging branches until they fall on our homes, creating damage. Take a yearly check and if need be, trim back some limbs. Once again, if you are uncertain just how to accomplish this task, seek professional help. 

Monitor Moss

Moss, mildew, and algae are not lovely additions to your roof. They can diminish the curb appeal of your home. Moss can grow in between the shingles. The growth of this moss can lift the shingles, creating a perfect spot for moisture to collect. Moss collects and holds on to moisture, which in turn, seeps through the roofing layers, into your home. Rotten wood seems to follow close behind. By keeping a close eye on your roof for moss, mildew, and algae, a huge bill for roof replacement can be minimized. 

Check the Gutters

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We don’t think much of our gutter systems until they fail us. Have you ever looked out of your window in a huge rainstorm and the water is streaming over the gutters? This is an indication that the gutter system is plugged and clogged somewhere along the way. Once the rains have disappeared, and it is safe to go outside, safely inspect the gutter system if possible. Clean out any debris, nests, or clogs. Also glance to see if there are rusted areas near the fasteners, indicating areas of weakness. 


Do you have enough insulation in your attic? By having the proper amount of insulation, the heating and cooling system can run more efficiently. In turn, this will save on monthly energy bills. 


The continuous flow of air between the soffits and the peak or roof ridge is important for addressing the excess heat and moisture that can accumulate in the home and attic. It is always important to make sure the vents are working properly and replace or repair them if damage has occurred to them. 

Caulk the Flashings

Flashings are the metal strips that run along roof edges or joints. They are necessary to divert the water or to keep water out of tricky areas that shingles can’t cover. Flashing can crack, lift, or separate. They will need to be caulked if this does happen.  Burford Roofing and Construction is one of the leading residential roofing contractors in the area. Our reviews from your friends and neighbors explain how we take roofing very seriously. Our many accreditations through the Better Business Bureau, Owens Corning, and CertainTeed also show you we are trusted by these companies and manufacturers. We provide top-notch quality service that gives you peace of mind.  Call today to learn how we can help you!   

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